How to Navigate Your Course

1. Once you have logged in, you will see your course listed under “My Courses”.

2. Click on the name of the course to begin. This will take you to the “Topic Outline” page or main page of the course. If you can not see a page in the course click on "Page" in the browser toolbar and make sure "Compatibility View" is NOT checked.

3. The first section or block includes the course orientation and objectives.

4. The most efficient way to navigate your course is to maneuver through the Topic Outline located in the center of the screen. In each Topic you will read lessons and complete quizzes and exams. As you complete each step, if the box to the right of the step is not checked, we recommend you manually check the box. This makes it easier to know where you are in the course work.

5. When taking a quiz, answer each question. You may click on “Flag Question” if you want to go back to it. When you have answered all questions, click on “next” at the bottom of the screen. On the next page you will see a list of the question numbers. You can click on any number to see that question. If you skipped a question it will show that the question was not answered. If you are satisfied with your responses click “submit all and finish”.

6. On the right side of the opening screen you will see a box labeled “Recent Activity”.  When you click on “Full report of recent activity” you will see a list of all quizzes and required activities. Click on “Show Recent Activity” and you will be shown which quizzes have been attempted. You can click on the score to see your score report.

7.On the left side of the opening screen you will see a box labeled “Settings”. In this box you can click on “Grades” to see all your quiz scores. In this box you can also edit your profile or change your password.

8. There will be several quizzes and a final exam. You must complete all quizzes and exams with a score of 70% or better.

9. When you have completed all the quizzes and exams, you must then complete the “Student Identity Affidavit” and the “Distance Education Evaluation Form”. If you are taking a pre-licensing course you must also complete the "Student Contract Acceptance". Once these are complete, click on “Certificate of Completion” to get your certificate. This will notify us that you have completed the course and we will report your hours to the Commission. You should print your certificate and keep it for your records. If you cannot open the certificate please call our office for assistance. 800-222-3295 or 225-293-6000.

Last modified: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 12:50 PM