I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the 2 day review that you offered. I took the National Review on 4/12 and Andrew was a GREAT instructor. He was funny, and made everything so easy to remember. Thank you again for all the tips and tricks for remembering things. The day after the review I took the broker exam and passed. Burk Baker has always been my first choice for any real estate education over the 10 years I have been licensed. Everyone there is always so helpful, and truly goes above and beyond for their students! 


"I am a former student who took the real estate class a few months ago and did great on the exam, thanks to the great instruction you provided. Thanks!"


"I just wanted to write to inform you guys I passed both the national and state portions of the real estate exam yesterday. I was very impressed with how well prepared I was, thanks to your online course. All practice exams online state that you recommend taking the tests until you get a 90 or above. That is exactly what I did (over and over and over again) and it truly worked. I was able to finish the actual test confidently and in a relatively decent amount of time; it almost did not seem realistic. The questions were in similar formats and the course covered all tested items. Anyway, I just want to offer your school some praise, and I will recommend the online course and Burk Baker school of real estate to anyone interested. Thanks for the opportunity :)"


"Burk, I am a licensed real estate agent thanks to you! I passed the state and national exams Tuesday. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent teaching, your encouragement and support, and of course, for the relaxing, refreshing laughter!"


Burk, Just a quick note of thanks. I took the test in Lake Charles this morning and passed both on the first round. Don't quit your day job. You could do stand-up, but where would we be in Louisiana without all the fine agents you keep producing? Thanks for an entertaining and enlightening course.

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