About the Burk Baker School of Real Estate

Who are we?

Burk Baker School of Real Estate & Appraising has been in business since 1981 and has prepared thousands of students for the Louisiana Real Estate Examination.  We offer quality instruction, free math tutoring (Baton Rouge location), two day review exam prep (Baton Rouge and Lafayette locations), and access to our computer lab in Baton Rouge.

What our students should expect

Our students are guaranteed a professional and educational course that is entertaining and makes going back to school fun! You'll be well prepared to pass the State Exam and ready to enter the world of Real Estate as an experienced Salesperson.

Just ask one of our graduates and they will tell you, “Its the school where the student comes first.”

Burk Baker School Mission Statement

The School's overall mission is to develop and promote educational programs that establish and/or improve the competency of licensees.

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